Targeting Fyn can reverse Alzheimer's Disease memory deficits and rescue synapse density loss in AD mice. Fyn inhibition compounds are promising candidates as potential AD therapy.

In fact, a fyn-inhibiting compound used in a recent study was tested in over 1,000  subjects in over 20 human clinical trials without any toxicity issues.

“Currently no effective disease-modifying agents exist for the treatment of Alzheimer disease (AD). The Fyn tyrosine kinase is implicated in AD pathology triggered by amyloid-ß oligomers (Aßo) and propagated by Tau. Thus, Fyn inhibition may prevent or delay disease progression……”



Fyn Inhibition Rescues Established Memory and Synapse Loss in Alzheimer Mice  
​ANN NEUROL 2015; Jun;77(6):953-71. ; Adam C. Kaufman,  et al